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I had nothing to offer but my own confusion.

The words you've been waiting to hear

22 September
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I am an actress. I am Italian. I am also Russian. Which in turn, makes me very passionate, and very dangerous.

<img src="http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/4676539/718564" "You may say that I'm a dreamer, But I am not the only one, I hope some day you'll come and join us, And the world will live as one." -Imagine.
acting, adam goldberg, adrien brody, al pacino, alan cummings, alan rickman, alexandre dumas, allen ginesberg, amadeus, anchor man, angels in america, ani difranco, art, arthur miller, badly drawn boy, beatnicks, beck, boys, broadway, cake, chocolate, choke, christopher walken, chuck palahnuik, cinema, cinematography, clive owen, closer, cole porter, competition, conan o'brian, contradictory statements, dane cook, danielson famile, david bowie, david shrigley, debbie downer, dennis leary, down syndrome, elbow, energy, eve ensler, film, flapper girls, frank sinatra, frank zappa, freedom, garden state, german, germany, goodbye lenin, goodfellas, hair, hank azaria, hbo, heidelberg, hippies, hollywood, hope, hugs, imdb, inside the actor's studio, iron and wine, italians, italy, jack johnson, jack keourac, james lipton, johnny depp, joshua braff, jude law, karma, kevin kline, kevin spacey, l.a., latin, lewis black, linguistics, lots of hugs, love, marlon brando, mary-louise parker, mitch hedberg, modernism, movies, natalie portman, necessary targets, new york, non-traditional traditions, not having money, not texas, olive oil, one act play, one act play competition, partyin', pasta, peace, people, peter sarsgaard, pilotdrift, pleasure, progess, proof, red bull, richard jeni, robert deniro, sara ramirez, security, seth meyers, shakespeare, six feet under, slam poetry, sleep, sonic bloom, sophecles, speak easies, spooning, stanley kubrick, street medics, t.s. elliot, the 20's, the academy awards, the beginning stages of, the colour clear, the g8 summit, the giver, the godfather, the golden globes, the hebrew hammer, the juilliard school, the one campaign, the oscars, the polyphonic spree, the postal service, the tamarind theatre, the vagina monologues, theatre, thouroghly modern millie, tim burton, tim delaughter, together we're heavy, tom cruise, tom hulce, tony kushner, tripping daisy, unscripted, victoria clark, will ferrel, zach braff